Andreas Cuntz

Master Luthier

The countless little details that make a guitar absolutely extraordinary have always fascinated me.
How an idea becomes a concept, the selection of woods and components, the collaboration with experienced guitarists and musicians.

Today, together with my team in Riedstadt, I build instruments that are second to none. For demanding guitarists.
And for renowned artists all over the world.

We are one family. Always connected in a Cuntz Guitar.

In their sound, in their feel, in their aesthetics and in their unmistakable character.

Master Plucked Instrument Maker

Guitar Development
Guitar Construction
Guitar Repair



Lukas Schmidt

Bachelor of Arts

Guitar making combines my two great passions.
Working with wood as a craft and music.
Through my hands I create unique instruments that are brought to life by musicians all over the world.

I like the claim of Andreas Cuntz to each guitar from his workshop: the complete feeling of well-being with an instrument.
This is exactly what we create special guitars for.

Direct response, full sound, precise intonation. Ideal balance and ergonomics.

A real Cuntz Guitar.

Bachelor of Arts Musical Instrument Making
Master Guitar Maker

Guitar Development
Guitar Construction
Guitar Repair